Individual Cheeseboard

Individual Cheeseboard

There really isn’t a recipe for this cheeseboard, but the other day I ordered an individual cheeseboard in a restaurant and absolutely loved it.

Aim for 2-4 cheeses with different tastes and textures. For this cheeseboard, I selected Swiss Cheese for some cheese with a bite and goat’s cheese for the creamy cheese selection. I wish I had some blue cheese on hand as it would go great with it to add that cheese with a punch element.

Add dried nuts and fruit. Maybe some fresh fruit or berries. Definitely crunchy bread or crackers.

For crunch and acidity, I added some cornichons and olives. Feel free to add some pickles.

Last but not least – savoury and sweet saucy element. Here, I’m using a bit of apricot jam and Dijon mustard that I sweetened with a bit of creamed honey.

What a lovely treat for yourself, to share with someone or for your guests to replace a traditional dessert. This also makes a wonderful appetizer!

Make it Vegetarian: this happens to be vegetarian, just don’t add any meats.

Make it Gluten-Free: serve this with gluten-free bread or crackers, ensure all your ingredients are gluten free.

Make it Low Carb/Keto: cheese is high in fat and low in calories which makes this a good Keto option. Just don’t add any honey, sweets, bread or crackers. Ensure all your additions are Keto approved.

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