Quick Pork Chops

Technique for Perfect Quick Cooking Pork Chops

Let me tell you why I absolutely adore this cut! It’s delicious, affordable and takes minutes to make. That’s why. The cut we are talking about is thin, ideally bone-in, pork chop. By thin, I’m referring to a cut of around 1/2 inch and definitely under 3/4 inches thick. However, […]

Pasta al Limone

As with all simple dishes, it’s all about the technique! This pasta could be put together in minutes yet be equally satisfying for a simple weeknight dinner as it could be for a special dinner occasion. It’s stunningly delicious (not light on calories, however.) I’ve seen recipes that add olive […]

Crispy Skin Lemon Chicken with Rich Pan Sauce

So… This recipe has two extra step compared to basically every other Lemon Chicken Recipe out there. Is it worth it? In my opinion, absolutely! We are searing the chicken first, making the skin extra crispy and rendering out the fat (besides being crispy, all that fat doesn’t make it […]

Flaky, Tender and Crispy Fish

I think of this dish as a homemade fish and chips. I truly believe this is the best way to cook fish in a home kitchen. I created this dish a couple of years ago after I enjoyed a walleye (or pickerel as we call it in Canada) fillet prepared […]

Quick Pasta al Pomodoro (in red sauce)

What comes to mind when you hear “quick sauce?” A thick, saucy and silky sauce that coats every pasta noodle? No? Well, it should. Because that’s exactly what this recipe is! It takes you minutes to make this sauce, roughly around the same time as it takes for the pasta […]

Simple Ultra Juicy Roasted Chicken

What can be better than sharing a simple, rustic, freshly cooked meal with the people you love?! No fancy plating necessary, just good food enjoyed in good company! This was our rustic farm-to-table dinner the other day, when my friend Alana came over. It’s corn harvest season in the Prairies, […]

Perfect Ribeye

So you get yourself a perfect, marbled piece of expensive ribeye. Now the worry begins… How do I not mess it up!? Not to worry, this post is loaded with helpful tips and techniques! Today, I used grass-fed beef. It’s different from corn-fed beef in texture and taste and is […]