Tag: Ground Beef

Smashed Jucy Lucy

A Jucy Lucy is a stuffed cheeseburger with the cheese inside of the meat instead of on top. In this version of July Lucy, we are combining the concept with a smash burger (which is the idea of forming the burger right in the hot pan, resulting in the best […]

Classic Lasagna

My husband’s favourite meal and the best lasagna I’ve ever had! This recipe is adapted from Allrecipes.

Tourtière Pies

I love this delicious and comforting dish. Perfect to make for a dinner party, because once you prep them, all you need to do is bake them when the company arrives.

Classic Meatloaf

I love making my meatloaf in a sheet pan instead of a loaf pan. Cooking the meatloaf in a classic loaf pan can result in undercooked meat in the middle, or alternatively, overcooked dry meatloaf overall. This problem is solved by making thin, flavourful meatloaf with the most delicious glaze.