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Black Forest Cake

I think this post is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a great cake! It look also looks impressive. I’ve experimented with different recipes and techniques. I find that making this cake in 3 layers (not 4) works better. The choice of cherries is also important. Otherwise, it’s a very simple devil’s food […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie

My signature cookie. Easy and quick to make (no overnight wait that I had in my prior cookie recipes). It’s tender and chewy and reminds me very much of the Subway cookie.

Chocolate Cupcakes

These are lovely cupcakes that I like making with kids. I have more elaborate chocolate cupcake recipes, but this very liquid batter is easy to make and results in such lovely light cupcakes. It’s nearly impossible to mess up – hence a perfect baking project with kids.

German Chocolate Cake

This truly is a phenomenal cake. Instead of 3 layers that many bloggers make, I make this cake with 2 thick layers – this really allows you to appreciate the light and delightful texture of the cake.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie

This delicious cookies, also known as Zebra Cookie due to it’s black and white pattern, easily earns itself a spot in the top 5 favourite cookies in our household!

Best Hot Chocolate

There are so many hot cocoa recipes out there. And I’m sure they are all good. I mean how can you go wrong combining ingredients like milk, cocoa and sugar. But despite trying and testing many recipes, some simple, some more complex, I’ve always had this hot cocoa recipe as […]

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Light, airy, chocolatey and absolutely delicious. And you know what?! It’s actually not hard to make. The cake layer comes together in under 5 minutes, bakes under 12 minutes. And the mousse is truly easy to put together as well. The hardest part about all of this, is chilling the […]