My New Blueberry Muffins

I love my original Go-To Blueberry Muffin recipe. However, as a food blogger, you are always looking for that next improvement. Making an emulsion of oil and sour cream really helps to make your baked goods moist. That’s the trick I learned from months of perfecting my vanilla cupcake recipes. […]

Ding Dong Cake

This cake has been all over the internet lately, attempting to recreate classic Ding Dong Dessert Cake. And needless to say this recipe is unique and not quite like the recipe circulating the internet. Creamy Ermine filling is a wonderful compliment to my beloved Devil’s Food Cake. Our version of […]

Japanese Cake Roll

This recipe has a lot of steps but by no means is difficult. Once you remember the process, this cake is easy and quick to make and it’s so easy to change up and make different variations (matcha, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, etc.) To my surprise, this is my husband’s favourite […]