Rice Krispie Squares

This recipe made me realize why food blogs were important! I’ve never made Rice Krispie squares before and wanted to make a nice quick treat for the kids. I went ahead and followed basic recipe which was comparable across many sites. The result was highly underwhelming. I was surprised by […]

Black Forest Cake

I think this post is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a great cake! It look also looks impressive. I’ve experimented with different recipes and techniques. I find that making this cake in 3 layers (not 4) works better. The choice of cherries is also important. Otherwise, it’s a very simple devil’s food […]

Classic Vanilla Cupcake – The Best!

This is my most requested recipe. I don’t name many recipes “The Best.” But this one definitely is. Homemade cupcakes are often dense, not as airy, have too much baking soda taste. None of those issues here. We employ a special technique called “reverse creaming method” which makes us beat […]

Classic Pumpkin Pie

I made so many different versions of pumpkin pie. And they are lovely. There’s something very festive about making your own pumpkin puree. However, this version uses canned pumpkin which I find makes the flavour richer, bolder and more traditional. This is our favourite version.

Blueberry Bran Muffins

I got inspired to create this recipe by our local spa. They served the most amazing bran muffins. So I had to re-create them (but make them even better.) So here it is! They taste so wholesome and delicious!