Breads and Muffins

Blueberry Loaf

Huge new hit in our household. Moist, mostly made in one bowl. Incredible aroma fills the whole house, what a treat to bake and enjoy!

No-Knead Focaccia

This dish always surprises everyone. This no-knead technique was invented by Mark Bittman and requires absolutely no kneading, no special ingredients, equipment or fancy techniques! So simple yet might just be one of the best breads you’ll bake. Look at the beautiful crumb structure on this bread. The bottom is […]

Blueberry Bran Muffins

I got inspired to create this recipe by our local spa. They served the most amazing bran muffins. So I had to re-create them (but make them even better.) So here it is! They taste so wholesome and delicious!

THE Banana Bread

Two banana bread recipes back to back! I honestly cannot decide which one is my favourite! For me, it’s probably this one. But my 6-Bananas Banana Bread is also completely amazing. I tend to switch it up and make both recipes from time to time. Hope you give both a […]

6-Bananas Banana Bread

The reason I call this 6-Bananas Banana Bread is because it typically takes about 6 bananas. So you can be assured it’s loaded with that amazing banana flavour. In addition, I have two stunning banana bread recipes. I can never decide which one is my favourite. Both are amazing! But […]

Cinnamon Bun Wreath

Same delicious taste and incredible texture, but now in shape of a festive Holiday Wreath! So easy to make! You will need: 1 recipe cinnamon buns Instead of the cream cheese frosting listed in the recipe, recommend using 1 cup Confectioners’ sugar mixed with a pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp […]