About me

Thank you so much for stopping by this page! Means a lot to me!

I love cooking and photographing food made with real, seasonal and whenever possible local ingredients. I test and search for a perfect scientifically-correct way to cook any particular ingredient then share it on the blog.

I do not use filters with my photography (sometimes just for fun I would post a filtered one, but never as the main photo). I try to make my pictures and food to look real, rustic and honest. My recipes are very detailed so that if you try them, your results should be very similar mine!

Please join me in my journey of showcasing seasonal and local food straight from The Canadian Prairies. Also please follow me on Instagram.


P.S. While trying to let the star ingredient in recipes shine, I discovered that often, many dishes do not need endless amounts of ingredients. As such, inadvertently, a lot of my recipes just happen to be Gluten-Free, Vegan/Vegetarian, Dairy-Free or Keto/Paleo. Please scroll to the bottom of each recipe to see suggestions on how to make it work as a part of those diets.