Perfected Fried Rice

The difficulty with a dish like this is executing it perfectly. It only contains a few ingredients and your skill should shine through. It’s not about sauces or additions. It’s about creating a perfect rice that is chewy, aromatic, crunchy in spots with each grain separated. We use very little […]

Classic BLT Sandwich with Cheddar

This is the first dinner ever that my husband asked me to make 2 dinners in a row! Cooked correctly, this seemingly simple sandwich is out of the world. And yes! We are cooking our bread slices in bacon fat. Doesn’t get better!

Antipasto Salad

I got this recipe from my mother-in-law and it’s pretty much our household’s favourite! I like my other pasta salad recipes, my Pasta Salad is undeniably fresh-tasting. But this antipasto salad is for sure the King of pasta salad! Absolutely delicous!

Versatile Pasta Salad

My family describes this fresh tasting pasta salad as “Subway salad.” All the crunchy fresh veggies seem to remind them of Subway restaurant chain. I noticed that a lot of workplaces are cutting down on working from home time. So meals like this, which are quick to prepare and make […]

Loaded Potato Casserole

Just realized this recipe wasn’t posted! Had to immediately find the written version and type it up! This is a great potato dish. Not light on calories but is sooo worth it as an occasional side dish!

Turkey Burgers

Changed up my usual turkey burger recipe (with fried mushrooms) to this one instead. And it’s great! PS After searing them, I bake my turkey burgers. So much easier and safer (to ensure they are adequately cooked all the way through.)

Chicken Rice

Love this meal. It’s so simple and so easy to make but extremely flavourful. This is a weekly recipe in our household.