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One-Pot Delicious Chicken and Brown Rice

This is our favourite weeknight meal! It’s not the prettiest dish, but don’t skip this recipe in spite of that! It tastes terrific, so easy to make, uses healthy whole grain brown rice and is a reasonably easy to make one-pot supper. This dish deserves its spot at your dinner […]

Chocolate lover’s dream baked mousse cake

This cake is rich. Rich rich rich. It’s not a sponge-type cake where you slice a giant piece. A small piece goes a long way here. For this reason, I designed this cake to be baked in the tiniest of dishes (mini-pie dish.) A true chocolate lover is likely to […]

Apple Pie Crostata

My apple pie is seriously delicious. But I have something just as delicious, easier, quicker and more reasonably sized! Beautiful crisp buttery layers of the pastry with sweet and delicious apple pie filling! And you have yourself delicious, rustic, to die-for apple crostata that’s so much easier and quicker to […]

Creamy chicken casserole

This dish is a simple and easy to make crowd pleaser. Although I don’t feel this dish is my favourite, it’s a nice recipe to have and seems to always be enjoyed by just about everyone. I usually make it for a large group of people. Easy, affordable and quick, […]

Greek Lemon Potatoes

If you love potatoes – you will love this dish. If you love lemons – you will love this dish. If you love Greek food – you will love this dish. And if you happen to be someone who doesn’t like potatoes – you will probably also love this dish! […]

Mac and Cheese – Ultra Creamy, Ultra Delicious

Do you have one of those already made just add water to it mac and cheese boxes in your house? There is no shame in that, so do I! I think nutritious, smart eating is about more than solely the nutritional value. It’s about balancing what’s good for you nutritionally, […]