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Mac and Cheese – Ultra Creamy, Ultra Delicious

Do you have one of those already made just add water to it mac and cheese boxes in your house? There is no shame in that, so do I! I think nutritious, smart eating is about more than solely the nutritional value. It’s about balancing what’s good for you nutritionally, […]


Tiramisu, better than grandmas! Shh!

OMG! I have no words. This is amazing. Something that is so easy and quick to prepare yet tastes this amazing, deserves its rightful place at your fanciest dinner table. Make it immediately and you won’t regret it. Traditionally, Tiramisu is made with Marsala wine. Personally, I don’t enjoy Marsala […]

Broccoli Cheese Soup

My take on this classic soup is quite different from many recipes on the internet. It brings to the table more flavour and reduces the amount of waste by using all of the broccoli, including the stems. Although, I still use some flour to help thicken the soup, a lot […]