Author: Ellen

Chicken Lettuce Cups

Easy, quick to make and absolutely delicious lettuce cups. Love using ground chicken and ground turkey for a healthier alternative to ground beef.

Cashew Chicken

Dare I say this is voted the best dinner in our household? This is an amazing quick to put together dish. Give it a try!

Zesty Beet Salad

Just an absolute masterpiece of a salad. This zesty salad dressing perfectly compliments all of the bright flavours in this salad. I like serving this with oven-baked chicken breasts for a complete and filling dinner!

Oven-baked Chicken Breast

This recipe is an absolute life savior! It’s so good by itself with a side of rice or potatoes. This chicken is so great on top of salad and oh so easy to make!

Rice Krispie Squares

This recipe made me realize why food blogs were important! I’ve never made Rice Krispie squares before and wanted to make a nice quick treat for the kids. I went ahead and followed basic recipe which was comparable across many sites. The result was highly underwhelming. I was surprised by […]

French Toast

This is absolutely a foolproof way to make this delicious dish. Soak, fry and bake. Always results in flavourful and crisp French Toast!