Antipasto Salad

I got this recipe from my mother-in-law and it’s pretty much our household’s favourite! I like my other pasta salad recipes, my Pasta Salad is undeniably fresh-tasting. But this antipasto salad is for sure the King of pasta salad! Absolutely delicous!

Versatile Pasta Salad

My family describes this fresh tasting pasta salad as “Subway salad.” All the crunchy fresh veggies seem to remind them of Subway restaurant chain. I noticed that a lot of workplaces are cutting down on working from home time. So meals like this, which are quick to prepare and make […]

Tortilla Roll-Ups (Party Pinwheels) – 4 variations

These are just such lovely sandwiches. Popular recipes often call for cream cheese only. And it’s a lovely version which is included here. But I by far prefer softer version with sour cream and salsa (for one of the variations.) But all 4 options are great!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

What a delicious smoothie. No added sugar, less than 5 minutes to make and tastes exactly like something you would imagine as dessert. But it’s packed with protein and healthy fats from the peanut butter, inflammation reducing cocoa powder and potassium-rich bananas.

Chicken Lettuce Cups

Easy, quick to make and absolutely delicious lettuce cups. Love using ground chicken and ground turkey for a healthier alternative to ground beef.