avocado toast

Avocado Toast with Tips and Variations

Who doesn’t like avocado toast! Not only is it healthy, insanely quick to make, it’s also absolutely delicious! Don’t let anyone tell you how to prepare your avocados and find what works for you. Some prefer avocado mash to be perfectly smooth, I prefer it to be chunky. Put whatever […]

Salsa Verde (Tomatillo Salsa/Green Salsa)

This salsa is fantastic and takes minutes to make. Serve it to accompany fish tacos or vegetable/bean tacos, eggs, anything else you can imagine or simply with tortilla chips. Happens to be Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian and Low Carb.

Delicious Toasted Garlic Bread

Well, this garlic bread is scrumptious! Everything could be made ahead, so all you will need to do is spread your bread with butter, toast it and serve! You may also add shredded mozzarella, but that’s totally optional. Happens to be Vegetarian. Make this Gluten-Free: Serve on top of Gluten-Free […]

Ultra Crispy Oven-Baked Potato Wedges

This technique results in truly the best potato wedges you can make in the oven. Simply baking potato wedges in the oven is fine for a quick one sheet supper, but it will result in chewy less crispy skin. This technique, involves an extra par boiling step, but does it […]

Roasted Low-Maintenance Ratatouille with big flavours!

Ratatouille is a rustic delicious vegetable stew tracing its origins to Nice, France. Its flavours are bright and delicious and this dish could be enjoyed in so many different ways! In the picture below, I’m using ratatouille to top a fresh baguette and then adding a sunny side up fried […]

Easy and delicious chicken tomato melt

I love this sandwich. Just love it. First of all, it’s so flavourful and so juicy. It takes minutes to make. It’s an excellent use of cooked chicken meat. And for all these reasons, it honestly is my absolute Go-To Weeknight Meal when I have some leftover cooked chicken meat. […]

The Perfect Egg Salad

I got this technique from a Toronto restaurateur who ran a happening breakfast and lunch joint. What I find so interesting about this simple, unassuming and generally beloved dish is that you will get as many opinions on how it should be prepared as the number of people you ask. […]