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Classic Potato Salad

This is not just a quick combination of potatoes, eggs and Mayo. We are actually focusing on some simple techniques which will result in the most tender eggs, perfectly cooked potatoes and just overall a great potato salad!

Eggs Benedict

I absolutely love Eggs Benedict. I mean who doesn’t love it?! My favourite variation is the one with smoked salmon, but if you prefer yours with something else, such as back bacon – by all means, use that instead! Also, once you make poached eggs a couple of times and […]

Fluffy scrambled eggs – my absolute favourite way to enjoy eggs

Different techniques result in different textures when it comes to cooking eggs. Large fluffy perfectly scrambled eggs are my absolute favourite kind of eggs to enjoy for breakfast or lunch. (Well, except my easy smoked salmon eggs benedict.) Here’s my technique for this simple dish: Make it Low Carb/Keto/Paleo: for […]

egg muffins

Easy Egg Muffins

I can think of so many perfect occasions for this dish! Hosting a brunch for a group of people? This make ahead mini frittata is perfect – just reheat it when your guests arrive. Looking for a breakfast or lunch on the go, that could be eaten cold or reheated […]

French Omelette

Eggs surely shine in this amazing omelette. It’s basically soft scrambled eggs in an omelette from. I personally prefer this omelette to the omelettes stuffed with veggies and cheese – it’s so moist and tender! Even though this recipe has less than 5 ingredients, it is not an easy recipe […]